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Suzanne is a professional multimedia technologist. She provides all genres of multimedia including the single camera interview, public service announcement, documentaries, promotionals, and commercials.  With the growing dominance of video services such as YouTube™ Suzanne has responded by creating the necessary content to upload for her customers.  Special attention is given to audio quality, as Suzanne is a professional cellist with many years of orchestral experience.  Video quality is evaluated at the 4K industry standard of 19:10 4096 x 2160.


She builds and configures the machines to run the media production studio including Microsoft Server 2019, deploying the Intel "Nehalem", "Sandy Bridge", X99, X299, andZ690.  Supported systems include Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 family of operating systems, and Xbox media extenders.  The media production studio includes Canon© DSLR with full frame capability and Sony 4K camcorder products supporting capture of 3840 x 2160 Ultra High Definition video. Media data is stored in a large capacity secure 10 gigabit network for editing and backup.


She provides editing and authoring services for Internet content and Blu-Ray optical disks in her production studio.  Once the multimedia is reviewed, rendered, and approved by the customer in the desired formats, it is uploaded to the Internet via two load balanced VDSL-2 connections or a 1.4 GB cable connection or encoded to the customer’s desired media.


Suzanne began her multimedia career with an Associate of Technology degree in Television Production.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.  She has completed a film certificate program from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design.  Rounding out her technical background Suzanne holds an A+ computer technician’s certification and completed the CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security courses.

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