Remote Desktop Support

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  • Technician will logon to your computer at your convenience

  • Check for problems with hardware and software by gaining control of the mouse and keyboard

  • Check errors and connection problems

  • Remove any unwanted programs

  • Install and configure new devices and programs

  • Resolve error messages

  • Start a virus scan

  • Dump Browser Cache

  • Work with you to improve workflow and task efficiency

  • Maintenance takes place after the second Tuesday of each month or when a critical update is required.


The technician arranges a time for the maintenance, requests a written description of problems or error messages, and sends an email with instructions.


In the email there will be a link to a website, and code, and complete instructions.  An expectation of Internet functionality with a configured email account is required for the maintenance to function.

The customer attends a "Go To Assist" session and navigates to the website provided, enters the code, and yields control of the computer to the technician.  The technician discusses the maintenance over cell phone with the customer while it progresses.  The maintenance is quicker over a wired Internet connection, but can be done with a wireless connection.

The maintenance cannot be performed on a machine that has non-functioning hardware or unsupported operating systems.



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