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"Suzanne and I have been working collaboratively for 20 years.  I am constantly amazed at the level of energy and enthusiasm she brings to every project we have worked on.  She is always raising the bar when it comes to her professional approach and never quits until it meets her standards.  She is wonderfully creative and not afraid to lend her experiences in creating a vision for the product.  Her expertise, drive and dedication are what set her apart and I can honestly say that Suzanne has brought out the best in me and never lets me quit until she achieves it."


Adrienne Johnson

Concert Pianist



"I have known Suzanne Lane for many years.  She is passionate about computer and media technology and during the past two years, Suzanne has been my business (Metro Music Studios, Inc.) website tech person.  During this time, she has updated and reformatted my website and her assistance has been invaluable.  Her technical expertise, creativity, and willingness to share sound advice have made my website more attractive and more in compliance with major search engine current standards.  Most importantly, Suzanne has made it possible for my website to achieve greater visibility.  As a measure of trust and appreciation, I have asked Suzanne to link the Metro Music Studios site to her new site.  Thank you, Suzanne!"


Timothy Knapp



"Suzanne Lane attended the Boston International Piano Competition in 2011, 2013, & 2015 helping my organization with the video recording and webcasting of the performances.  She assisted us in solving technical problems with the webcasting and camera placement.  Suzanne did excellent work editing the video recordings, making DVD and Blu Ray disks of high professional standard, and uploading the videos to YouTube™.  We are extremely grateful to Suzanne for helping us and highly recommend her services." 


Robert Finley

President and Founder, Boston Piano Amateurs Association, Inc.



"Suzanne Lane is the technician you know you can reach.  She responds quickly to phone or email requests for help.  She listens intently to clients and her responses are thoughtful and clear even for those not well versed in technology.  Suzanne often joins her customers via GoToMeeting and takes control of the client's computer.  She is spot on.  She knows what she is doing.  Suzanne advised us on computer hardware purchase, cabling and on software maintenance.  My partner owns a small contracting business.  I am employed at a major university where I have access to excellent technical support during the workday.  Suzanne is a pro.  We are so pleased to have her level of support for our home computer systems.  Her service-friendly approach is waaay over the norm.”


Monica Colberg, RN



"Need an effective solution for those computer problems that always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times?  Put your mind at ease and enjoy the fast, friendly service of the true wizard!  Suzanne's quick response, technical expertise, thorough trouble shooting, and excellent recommendations set her apart from others in the field.  Her service is personalized - she always works at the customer's convenience in providing great preventive care as well as immediate diagnosis and solutions.  I would recommend her service to anyone!"


Barbara Wallace



“Suzanne is the best of all the help lines I have tried, and there have been quite a few.  She is extremely knowledgeable and patient, sticking with you to work through problems and issues.  In addition, she is able to take over your computer and do her work from her office very effectively.  This eliminates a lot of driving around and speeds things up.”


John N. Petroff


"Sue Lane has great knowledge about how to maximize the efficiency of your computer.  In one session, she spent significant time reviewing my programs, and eliminating some that had no business being there, and some that were unnecessary.  As a result, my computer startup and operation are much faster.  Highly recommended."


Joseph F. Schmidt, JD


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